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University of Wisconsin System Teacher Quality Initiative
  Quality Matters
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The Wisconsin Institutions of Higher Education Conference
Educator Preparation:
Quality Matters

Held November 2, 2006, at the Chula Vista Resort, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.  This conference was the first in a series to advance the agenda around "quality matters" in the preparation of educators.

Video Segments from the Conference

The following files contain videos of the presentations made at the Quality Matters conference on November 2 at Chula Vista Resort. Some of the videos include the Power Point presentations along with the video, but to facilitate your viewing you may want to download the corresponding Power Point from this website (see conference materials) and then follow along with the presentation.

The audio quality of these files is less than perfect; the volume tends to fade in and out. You may need to periodically adjust the volume on your computer to compensate.

The following is a list of the video files, along with the contents of each file.

Introduction:   Francine Tompkins - 14 minutes - with Power Point
Part 1:  

Deb Mahaffey - 8 minutes - no Power Point
Nick Michelli - 60 minutes - with Power Point - introduced by Julie Underwood

Part 2:   Ed Crowe - 45 minutes - with Power Point - introduced by Katherine Rhoades
Part 3:   Panel Presentation with Nick Michelli, Ed Crowe, Ken Zeichner - 51 minutes - no Power Point - introduced by Moreen Carvan
Part 4:   DPI presentation - 35 minutes - with Power Point - introduction by Kathy Lake



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